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Water > Paper 

If you got poop all over your arm you wouldn't just wipe it with a paper towel and go about your day would you?

Unfortunately this is the approach most North Americans take after dropping their deuce. The truth is, wiping your bum with dry toilet paper will leave you simmering in your litter all day. Not only can those underwear skid marks be embarrassing, but they also pose serious health risks. 

The Bumby will change your life forever. By shooting a refreshing, precision pressured stream of water right into your butthole. 

Along with cleanliness, the Bumby provides global sustainability benefits. 

Keep reading to find out how you can reduce global deforestation and find out about all the Bumby benefits. 


Bumby Benefits:

Stop Health Risks

We've all experienced the toilet paper "bum burn". This usually happens when we've eaten too much spicy food, spent 30 minutes fighting for our lives on the toilet followed by using half a roll of TP to clean ourselves. The sensitive tissue around your anus is very susceptible to the bum burn due to the fact that toilet paper fibers aren't gentle enough on your pooper.

Repetition of over exposure to toilet paper can cause serious health affects such as hemorrhoid's & anal fissures. Statistics show that over 75% of American's will experience one of these health problems in their lifetime, Bumby is here to do something about it.

Bidets have proved to reduce the chances of UTI's in women by eliminating bacteria spread after pooping.

A Bumby is a must for people with health issues concerning frequent bowel movement (more pooping then normal). Due to the increase risk of toilet paper usage and effects. 

Save Money 

The average American family consumes about 8 toilet paper rolls a week or 416 rolls per year. That's roughly $250 per year of savings. It's always nice to save where we can especially during these uncertain economic times.


No Plumbing Issues

Imagine you invite a group of friends over and have a splendid evening. After your guests leave you discover a toilet that is clogged and overflown with toilet paper.  

Everyone has experienced plumbing issues from bombarding your poor toilet bowl with TP. We've all had to call expensive plumbers to fix something that could have been completely avoided.

The Bumby will simply spray a stream of fresh water to keep you and your guests clean and avoid any toilet-paper clogging. 


Mobility Issues

There are plenty of us that may have various mobility issues, whether due to age or other life circumstances, wiping may pose a difficult and painful task.

Here at Bumby we pride at helping people of all conditions complete these activities independently. Help a loved one regain their self-sufficiency and comfort.


The Environment

Why TP Sucks

Most major toilet paper manufacturing companies use 100% virgin wood fibers (healthy forests) with no plan to switch to recycled lumber. Despite much pressure from sustainability advocates they continue to pillage our forests due to fear of profit cuts.

Most toilet paper is produced from clear cutting Canadian boreal forests. Between 1996 and 2015, an area of Canadian boreal forest the size of Ohio was cut down. The subarctic forest that stretches from Alaska to the Atlantic is at risk, it accounts for 12 percent of the world’s carbon storage.  

TP Consumption 

North America accounts for 5 percent of the world’s population and are responsible for 20 percent of global toilet paper consumption. 

Worldwide about 15 million trees are cut per year, which is 27,000 trees per day. This equates to 384 trees per each persons lifetime. 

If we want to continue life on this planet, if we want to build a future for our children that we can be proud of, we need to make a change to reduce single use toilet paper right now.

Deforestation - Save the Trees

Global toilet paper consumption accounts for about 13% of deforestation. At current rates we will lose global forests in the next 100 years.

TP and deforestation go hand in hand, causing harm to traditional territories of Indigenous communities, loss of biodiversity, increased risk of forest fires and extinction of entire species. Not to mention destruction of the carbon sinks which leaves us more susceptible to global warming. 

We know how difficult it is to change daily habits but adapting to more sustainable practices is the only way to reduce the burden that the toilet paper industry have on our forests. 

Animal Habitat Loss 

One of the many influential consequences to deforestation is the loss of animal & plant habitat. It is estimated that approximately 50,000 species of plants and animals go extinct per year due to human impact. 

Read that again. 50,000 species go extinct due to HUMANS, that is ridiculous. We were baffled by this fact to the point where it brought tears. Future generations will not be able to experience seeing animals in their natural habitats. 

Our Solution 

I think you get the point, the logical benefits of using a Bumby to clean your bum are plentiful. Bumby cleans you better, protects global forests and is wallet friendly. We're here to stay and build a community of  environmentally conscious bum washing citizens. 

Getting a Bumby bidet for your home is a no-brainer and we've got you covered with a reasonable price point and ultra fast shipping!