FAQ - Frequent *Ass* Questions

About Bumby Bidets

Will it fit my toilet?

The Bumby fits all standard two piece toilets and almost all other one piece toilets.

Here are the key things to look out for:

  • Flat Surface - Bumby needs to sit on a flat surface, if you're bowl is curved this Bidet isn't for you. 
  • Adequate Distance - Bumby needs a maximum of 3.5" between the edge of your bowl and your toilet seat bolts. If the distance is larger you won't have adequate room for nozzle movement 
  • Water Connection - Ensure you have access to your water connection, if not you may need a diffrent sized T-Adapter, check out out trouble shooting FAQ's for more info!

Will it fit my toilet seat?

The Bumby fits nearly all standard toilet seats! If the seat has a very heavy concave shape it may cause conflict but not to worry! we have adequate solutions, check out our toruble shooting FAQ sections for toilet seat conflcits.  

Toilet seats that works best with the Bumby are flat style seats, this one works perfect!



How do I use it?

Four easy steps:

1.) Poop

2.) Turn the nozzle to feel the power ;)

3.) Adjust the spray angle to get the perfect spot

4.) Pat (or air dry) your bum

Wa-la your spankin clean, everytime. 

Where does the water come from?

Before you skip to conclusions, NO the water doesn't come from your dirty toilet tank. The Bumby uses water from your tap, the same stuff you wash your face with.

Is the water cold?

It depends what you consider cold ;) The Bumby uses "refreshing" water from the tap. 

DO I still need to wipe?

Nope! Wiping can be compeltely elimanted from a sanitary point of view. Bumby's pressured stream will leave you sprakling.

Why are Bumby's more sanitary

According to top doctors wiping your butt with toilet paper is not the healthiest way to clean yourself. TP doesn't compltelty clean your butt and will smear poop around the area. Water is more hygenic and will cause less damgage.

Think about getting dog poop all over your hand, would you just wipe it off and consider yourself clean? 

TP can cause damage to senstive skin around the butt, along with various health conditions like infections, UTI's, & hemmroids.

Why does toilet paper suck

1.) Health Problems - Severe toilet paper usage can cause health issues such as infections, UTI's, Hemmroids & chaffing.

2.) Destroying Forests - 27,000 trees per day are cut for toilet paper. That’s about 15 million per year and about 384 trees per person over a lifetime.

3.) Habitat Loss -  137 species of aminals, plants and insects are being lost everyday due to deforestation. 


Installation & Prep

How do I install it?

Watch our easy to follow installation video, should take you no more than 10 mins.


Is electricity required for install?

Absolutely no electricity required for installation!

Can it only be installed on one side of the toilet

Yes, Bumby can only install on the left side (when facing the toilet). 

Can I remove the Bumby if I move

Yes, you can most definitly safely remove and reinstall the Bumby just as easily as it was to install. 

Trouble Shooting

What if my connections are leaking?

If you have leaks follow these steps:

- Don’t be rash, wrap your connections to avoid being splashed! Wrap those connections with the provided Teflon tape, this should do the trick to avoid leaks. Make sure to apply uniformly.

- Ensure the rubber washer is installed on the T-Adapter.

Ensure your existing domestic flexible hose (which is connected to the bottom of your T-adapter) has a rubber washer. This is standard and should be included in your plumbing. If it’s not, you may need to purchase one at your hardware store.

There’s a gap between my toilet seat and the toilet bowl, what do I do?

Due to the thickness of the Bumby, sometimes a gap between the toilet seat and toilet bowl may be present.

In most cases this can be left and your seat will be completely fine. If you want to combat this, we can send you special seat bumpers you can attach to your toielt seat. Please email bumby bidet@gmail.com.

Install video for toielt bumpers coming soon!


The toilet seat is hitting my Bumby, help!

Depending on your toilet seat, you may encounter an issue where the toilet seat is unable to close fully as the range of motion is caught by the top of the Bumby. This typically happens with toilet seats that have a heavy concave shape. Steps to take:

  • During installation, position the Bumby as far back towards the toilet tank as possible and position the toilet seat as far forward from the toilet tank as possible.


  • If the above does not resolve your issue, we suggest using small spacers as shown below. Placing the spacer in between the toilet seat and the Bumby will angle the seat slightly to prevent the conflict. Spacers are cheap and can be purchased at your local hardware store. Inner diameter of spacer to be at least 3/8”.


  • Alternatively you can pick up a shiny new seat, but that shouldn’t be required if the above solutions are followed. Visit our website to view seat compatibility.

My existing water connection is a solid metal pipe.

Flexible hoses are the standard for toilet water supply connections. Some toilets may have a solid pipe connection instead of a flexible hose. This old stiff log needs to be replaced with a durable flexible hose for attachment to the T-adapter.

A flexible hose may be purchased at your local hardware store. 

Size: 3/8” x 7/8” Compression

Length: 12” recommended

The nozzle doesn’t move

All the nozzle needs is a little more breathing room to give you that perfect spray angle! Make sure there is enough space between the nozzle and the rim of the toilet. If required, slide the Bumby slightly forward on the bowl. After taking these steps, nozzle movement should be free.

Toilet tank water supply connection is hidden, how do I install the Bumby?

If the toilet tank connection is hidden and your unable to reach it don’t worry, we have a solution for you.

Instead of using the 1/2” T-Adapter provided with the Bumby, you will need use a 3/8” T-Adapter. Unscrew the connection just above the valve (you may need a wrench) and attach your 3/8” T-Adapter. All other steps to follow original Bumby installation

Install video coming soon!

My toilet seat bolts are too short!

After you’ve installed the Bumby you realize you can’t secure your toilet seat. Some pesky toilet seats come with very short bolts.

An easy solution to this would be picking up toilet bolts that are at least 3” long. 

Shipping & Returns

Where do you ship to?

We are committed to keeping bums clean worlwide, so we ship world wide!

Standard shipping times:

Canada & USA - 3 to 8 days

Rest of the world - 7 to 14 days

Can I return it?

Yes! if you are not satisfied with how clean your butt is you can return the bumby within 30 days of receiving it, as long as it's not damaged.

Please email bumbybidet@gmail.com with he subjectline "REFUND". Also include your reason for return, most of the time we are able to resolve your install issues over email!

Please refer to our return policy. Please note you are responsible for shipping fees for all returned products. 

Can I track my order?

Yes! After placing an order you will be emailed a tracking number which you can input directly with the courier webiste.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order within 24 hours of placing if the order has not yet been shipped. Please email bumbybidet@gmail.com with the subject line "CANCEL ORDER".

If the item has already been shipped unfortunelty we cannot cancel your order.