About Us


Bumby is a start-up bidet company founded by a simple guy that loves traveling, his name is Val. When Val was in Japan he got to experience his first ever Bidet, to say the least it was magical. He started wondering why this wasn't popular in Western cultures, it was clearly the superior method of cleaning the bum.

Val took it upon himself and created Bumby in order to educate and inform the bum wipers of Western civilization. 



Saving Forests

Everyone here at Bumby adores the outdoors. As a company launched out of Vancouver Canada, our weekends are spent in the woods and by the rivers. It breaks our hearts to see the impact of human deforestation around the world. We cannot imagine a world where our kids don't get to experience the same beauties of nature as we have. The main purpose of this movement is to put an end to deforestation due to toilet paper consumption and build a future for our children that we can be proud of. 

Cleaning Bums

We are extremely passionate about helping humans have clean bums. This may be an uncomfortable topic for some, but not here. You can KICK open the Bumby CEO's office door and talk about butt's and pooping all day long, it's completely acceptable here. Pooping is natural, bum cleanliness and bum health are not joking matters and should be openly discussed / desensitized in our culture. Our goal is to ensure you keep your be-hind spotless to avoid various health issues.  

Helping People   

At the end of the day Bumby is here to help the everyday working class person. We know the struggles of everyday life so we created an opportunity for people to save a few bucks on constant TP purchases. We hope that our customers see the greater good this movement has on the environment, but it's always nice to save when we can. 


Our vision is to create a strong loyal community of bum washing citizens that are passionate about saving the environment for future generations, that appreciate having a clean bum and that are willing to help members of their community make the switch for a better tomorrow.